Our lunch courses

  • Omelette with ham and cheese

    125 kr.
  • Potatoes with smoked bacon, tomatoes and cress

    120 kr.
  • Shrimp sandwich with egg and mayonnaise

    145 kr.
  • Smoked salmon with homemade sourcream

    130 kr.
  • Cesarsalad with smoked chicken, croutons and crispy chickenskin

    135 kr.
  • Rib eye carpaccio with ramsons mayonnaise and herbs from Lisbjerg

    145 kr.
  • Tartlet with chicken and sweetbread

    145 kr.
  • Lobster bisq with fried cod and dill

    155 kr.
  • Ribeye with cabbage, ''havgus'' and smoked marrow

    215 kr.
  • Chocolate creme with cacao sorbet and red oxalis

    90 kr.
  • Pear pie with vanilla ice cream and almond

    90 kr.
  • Homemade treats for the coffee

    65 kr.