Food and Drinks

At Castenskiold – Food & Nightclub we are devoted to extraordinary food experiences.

This is confirmed by Aarhus update and who rank us in the top 5 of Aarhus.

Have a look at our menus below.


Lunch menu

Recharge your energy with our delicious lunch menu. We offer business lunches, which makes it possible to have your meeting within a reasonable time period, while enjoying a quality lunch.


Evening menu

Enjoy an out of the ordinary gourmet experience with our innovative and delicate evening menu. Indulge your senses with gastronomy at the highest level, served in beautiful surroundings, by our waiters.



Every great meal should be accompanied by great beverages. All of our wines are thoughtfully picked out by our sommelier and our waiters are fully capable of selecting a suitable wine for your meal.



Through our extensive selection of creative cocktails, we offer a mixture of numerous flavors unified in a single glass. Indulge yourself in our innovative cocktails and let us challenge your tastebuds.